Fly Safe, Comfortable, and in style !
with a big smile on your face

There are 2 types of people, the ones that feel the need for speed and the ones that just want SAFETY


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SECURE without compromising ERGONOMICS, COMFORT and STYLE

GOGETAIR - Fly Safe, Comfortable, and in style !

with a big smile on your face.

Up to: 160 HP, 145 KTAS, 18.000 FT, 1045 NM and 350 KG useful load.



After flying more than 50 types of small aircraft and gliders, selling more than 70 aircraft of 10 different types, and managing flight school and aircraft maintenance service, Ania & Iztok Šalamon, the founders of GOGETAIR, have set their goal to deliver not the fastest but the safest small aircraft in the world.

"We took the things that we love and we have built on them, You are only as big as the size of your dreams and ability to enlist others to make them come true."

The result is the innovative GOGETAIR line of aircraft. In order to achieve the best possible comfort for the pilot, who can during a cross country stay in the air for a total of up to 9 hours, the aircraft is equipped with adjustable rudder pedals as well as with adjustable seats and 3 different foam density of seat cushioning for maximum comfort.

Designed around the pilot and passengers with a cabin acting like a cocoon, the airfoil, airframe, and geometry of the airplane are designed to be forgiving in flight and slow speeds and still able to reach cruising speeds for comfortable long-range travel.

Our passionate pilots who have designed GOGETAIR aircraft, wanted this beauty to be fitted with the best technology available to the aircrafts in its class. The Turbotech TP-90R engine has been integrated to G750 making it one of the few small turbine aircraft in the world.


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