Free Pipistrel Training and flights

Published April 30, 2020 17:34

FREE Pipistrel Training and flights during the worldwide “lock-down”

As a testament and dedication to safety through continuous training and learning, Pipistrel has decided to provide open access to all training materials during the current period of world-wide enforced isolation. Pipistrel Academy Computer Based Training Courses are now available free-of-charge to anybody, pilot or not, for three months.

During the current worldwide “lock-down” period, the free-of-charge online course will help to refresh and revise the theoretical knowledge required to fly and learn the specifics about modern Pipistrel aircraft series, including the Alpha Electro, the only electric trainer in serial production in the world. The online course gives detailed information and knowledge of different Pipistrel aircraft.

Normally the online course fee is 147.30€ for 14-days or €247.30 for a permanent subscription. Courses can be accessed from anywhere in the world, with your laptop or tablet or mobile phone.

How to register

To register and begin learning about flying and Pipistrel’s airplanes with the online course please visit : , click Create new account, follow registration instructions and select the online course with Enrolment key: FlyPipistrel

FREE Demo Flights

The best part is that anyone who will successfully finish an on-line training course will receive a voucher for the free demo flight on one of our aircraft with us in Andorra, valid until the end of September 2020.

We hope that this Pipistrel’s contribution to the global pilot community will help the pilots to keep safe, remain knowledgeable and invest their time of no-flight during Covid-19 crisis in training, so that they can enjoy flying later even more.

For more information or if you have any questions please feel free to email us at or call on +376 816 006 or +33 6 51 79 64 62

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