F.u.n.k.e Radios and Transpondeurs

Published May 20, 2023 15:00

A4Aviation & Pipistrel Andorra offers Radios & transponders from Funke Avionics for great prices ! For only 1140€ you can buy the F.u.n.k.e ATR833S, a lightweight radio with great digital signal processing. Did you know that Pipistrel d.o.o also uses F.u.n.k.e Radios and Transponders in the Velis Club and Velis Electro? So come visit us at A4Aviation.com/shop to get yours ! They are all in stock !


  • FUNKE ATR833-2K-OLED Price: 1.400,- Euro incl. VAT - Order here .
  • FUNKE ATR833S Price: 1.140,- Euro incl. VAT - Order here.
  • TRT800H-OLED Price: 2195,- Euro incl. VAT - Order here.
  • TRT800H-LCD Price: 2095,- Euro incl. VAT - Order here.

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