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The Panthera

Imagine a fast yet extremely economic 4 seater aero-plane, which can take you and your friends, colleagues or business partners anywhere you want, whenever you want. Imagine an aeroplane, that can fully take advantage of small, short-runway airfields that bring you closer than ever to your destination and open a whole new world of opportunities. An aeroplane, designed meticulously to keep you safe and comfortable.
The Panthera is the future of aviation with Hybrid and Electro versions in development, this aeroplane will make the impossible possible!

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Virus SW121A Explorer Side 6

The Explorer

The Virus SW 121A, also known under the name Explorer, is the little brother of the well loved Virus SW121(now legacy). Most advanced CS-LSA class airplane with full Type Certificate from EASA! Features dual-touchscreen glass cockpit, advanced autopilot, dual COM and even more best-in-class technology! The certified engine and certified propeller offer excellent performance, low fuel consumption, short take-off and landing at high cruise speed! The Explorer offers a complete package of exceptional performance and NAV/COM/GPS touchscreen glass cockpit avionics.

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Virus Sw

Virus SW

The Virus SW 80/100 is the most economic high speed cruiser and definitely the fastest high-wing airplane in its category. Made from state-of-the-art composite materials, it’s lightweight, robust and features an unprecedented useful payload of more than 300 kg (660 lbs). Virus SW 80/100 offers what no competitor is able to offer and has won hearts of people world-wide and is the best seller since its introduction.

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Sinus 912

Sinus 912

Sinus 912 ultralight motor glider combines a true sense of a motor glider with unprecedented efficiency during powered and long-range cruise flight.
With the Sinus you can take-off and land on very short runways, fly long distance cross-country and have fun gliding with a 27:1 gliding ratio...
All in the same aircraft!

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Virus400x600 1

Virus 912

Virus 912 is a fast, yet very economic cruise aircraft. Ideal for cross-country flying it is also suited for clubs and training flights.
It offers unprecedented handling and performance while remaining highly efficient at every task it is confronted with.
It is the perfect compromise between the excellent-gliding Sinus and the super-fast cruiser Virus SW.

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