Lx9050 frontview
  • Lx9050 frontview
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  • Lx9050 mapspeed
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  • Lx9050 backview
  • Lx9050 3d view
Tipos de Propiedad
Fabricante LXNav
Display Size 5 inch
Brightness 1200 cd
Resolution 800x480 px
IGC Recorder
Peso 515 g
Altura 136 mm
Anchura 83 mm
Profundidad 61 mm
Power Consumption 480 ma
Variometer V8


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Fits Everywhere

The LX 9050 is a high end vario navigation system with extremely bright color 5" WGA display readable in all sunlight conditions with backlight automatically adapted using photo-sensor, running on well proven LX 8000 firmware with multilanguage interface.

Simple and logical user interface is designed for top-level competitors, club operation as well as for gliding beginners.

The Instrument is preloaded with worldwide terrain maps, airspace and airports databases.

Integrated FLARM collision avoidance system and flight recorder according to the highest level IGC specification.

It manages complex tasks with assigned areas manipulation and real-time flight optimization according to FAI and OLC rules.

Download LX9xxx User Manual (English)

Download LX9xxx Installation Manual (English)

€ 4.015,00 incl 4,50% IVA
(€ 3.842,11 excl IVA)

Disponible en 10-20 días

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