Terms & Conditions of Sale

1. Introduction

These terms and conditions of sale (the "Terms and Conditions of Sale") will govern the agreement between RAPID SOLUCIONS, S.L., a company with registered office address at Carrer de la Font del Colom, 6, L'Aldosa, AD400 La Massana, Andorra, duly placed on record at the Commercial Register of Andorra, Reg. No. L-709222-X and trading under the registered name of Pipistrel (" Pipistrel "), and you (the " Customer ") when you purchase goods (the “ Goods ”) from Pipistrel through the website www.pipistrel.ad (the " Website ").

2. Contract

2.1. Use of the website

To place an order online, you must be of legal age (18 years old and over) and be the final customer. Minors are expressly excluded from this service.

By using the Website and placing orders online, you, as the Customer, agree:

To use the Website for browsing or placing legally valid orders.
Not to place false or fraudulent orders.
To provide us with your email, shipping address and/or any other information that may be necessary for properly processing your order in a true and accurate manner. You also agree to the processing of your information by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

2.2. How can I place an order?

To place an order online, please follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Goods you wish to purchase and add them to the Cart “ADD TO CART”.
  2. Proceed to CHECKOUT.
  3. Enter your email, name and address information.
  4. Select Delivery option.
  5. Choose a method of payment and click on “Save and continue”. By clicking on the “Save and continue” button, you fully agree without reservations to the Terms and Conditions of Sale as contained in the Website at the time of purchase.
  6. If you have chosen to pay by Credit Card, you will be redirected to our bank (BBVA Spain) to enter your Credit Card details and make the payment.
    If you chose to pay by Bank wire transfer, you will get an order confirmation email with payment instructions including our Bank details, IBAN number etc. Please make the bank wire transfer and email us a screenshot or another confirmation that the transfer has been done. We will only process the order when payment has been received.
  7. Make the Payment.
  8. If your payment is authorized, you will receive an acknowledgment email confirming receipt of your order. Except in the circumstances described in sections 2.3 and 2.4, the acknowledgement email confirming receipt of your order constitutes Pipistrel’s acceptance of your order and will be deemed to be a binding contract between you and Pipistrel.

It is advisable that you print out and/or save a copy of the Terms and Conditions when you place an order with us, as well as a copy of the acknowledgment email confirming receipt of your order.
Pipistrel reserves the right to change and update these Terms and Conditions without notice at any time. Changes and updates to these Terms and Conditions will be published and available to Customers on the Website at all times. Please also bear in mind that the Terms and Conditions of Sale applicable to your order cannot be changed once you receive the acknowledgment email from Pipistrel confirming receipt of your order.

2.3. Availability of Goods

Successful completion of your online order is subject to the availability of Goods. Pipistrel makes its best efforts to ensure the availability of all Goods sold on its Website.

If the Goods you have ordered are not available you will be informed by email about the expected availability date. If you cannot wait for the Goods to be available, you may choose to be reimbursed the price paid within same method of payment you did the acquisition.

2.4. Verification of data

Before your order is processed, Pipistrel may check the information provided. This includes verifying the address and solvency of the Customer, or the existence of a potential fraud. In case of suspected fraud, Pipistrel may conduct a partially automatic check of all purchases in order to filter purchases considered to be abnormal or suspicious or suspected of fraud. Any suspected fraud will be investigated and the Customer may be reported to the competent authorities, which may then take action against the Customer.

3. Price and payment

3.1. Prices and currency

The prices and offers on the Website are inclusive of VAT (Value added tax), but exclude shipment costs, which will be added to the total amount due and indicated at the time the order is placed. The prices and offers on the Website are only valid for orders placed online through the Website. 

All Prices are in Euros.

3.2. Method of payment

To pay for your order, you may use either Bank wire Transfer (payment details will be indicated in the order confirmation email) or any of the following credit or debit cards: Visa, MasterCard or Maestro. Your card will be charged upon confirmation of your order.

3.3. Value added tax 

When the Goods are picked up or delivered in Andorra, we charge the VAT (IGI) of Andorra which in currently 4,5%.

For exports out of Andorra, please contact us.

You expressly authorize us to issue an electronic invoice. However, you may indicate your wish to receive a printed copy of your invoice at any time. In that case, we will issue and send you a printed invoice.

4. Delivery

4.1. Delivery: Where and when

Deliveries are normally made during normal business hours unless otherwise agreed.

No items will be delivered to PO Boxes.

Customers choosing to collect their order at Pipistrel may do so within thirty (30) days. Please schedule a time for collecting the goods.
For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions of Sale, it will be considered that “delivery” has taken place or that a shipment has been “delivered” when the Customer or a third party duly designated by the Customer is in possession of the Goods. For these purposes, the person collecting the package at the shipment address indicated by the Customer will be asked to sign for your package. If a third party collects the package for you, such third party must present proof that you have authorized them to collect your package, including, at least, the acknowledgement email confirming receipt of your order.

4.2. Delivery times

Orders are usually delivered between 1 and 4 working days from the order confirmation date if the Goods are on stock. Delivery dates are normally met.

If the goods are not currently on stock, Pipistrel cannot guarantee specific delivery dates, however every effort is made to deliver orders within thirty (30) days of the date of the acknowledgement email confirming receipt of the order, at the latest.

Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive an email.
If your order is not delivered within thirty (30) days after your order is ready for delivery, for causes not attributable to Pipistrel, we will consider that you no longer wish to receive the order. As a result, we will refund all sums, excluding shipment fees, within fourteen (14) days of the date on which we consider the order as cancelled.

5. Shipment fees

If the Goods are not collected at the Pipistrel office, shipment fees may be applied. Shipment fees depend on the method of delivery. Please contact us to know more.

6. Returns policy

6.1. Right of withdrawal

If you are not satisfied with the Goods you have purchased, irrespective of the reason, you can return them without the need to provide any explanation whatsoever within thirty (30) calendar days of the date of delivery. This is valid only for Goods that are available and on stock at the moment of ordering.

If the Goods are not available and on stock at the moment of ordering (backorders), and pipistrel have to order the goods explicitly for the customer, the goods can only be returned after written agreement with pipistrel. This is valid (but not limited to) any custom orders, spare parts or orders including custom work. These orders may not be fully refunded.

In order to return your Goods, simply notify Pipistrel of your intention to return the Goods. To do so, please contact Pipistrel by email at contact@pipistrel.ad informing of your decision to withdraw your order through an unequivocal statement.
After notifying Pipistrel, please return the Goods to us along with the purchase receipt and the original packaging within fourteen (14) days. As soon as Pipistrel is in possession of the Goods, Pipistrel will make a refund in the form of original payment within no more than fourteen (14) days. Please see further conditions for returns below.

6.2. Common provisions for returns

You may only return purchased Goods:

  a) That are unused – meaning they have not been installed or used. 
  b) That are complete and in original packaging.

You may return Goods in any of the following ways:

  • At Pipistrel office:
    You may return the Goods to Pipistrel. To return the Goods, please stop by the Pipistrel office and provide, along with the Goods, a copy of the acknowledgement email confirming receipt of the original order or the delivery slip.
  • By courier service:
    If you cannot return the Goods directly to the Pipistrel office you may ship the goods to our office. Simply pack the Goods you wish to return (you should use the original packaging) and contact Pipistrel to receive further instructions. Please bear in mind that shipments from outside Andorra have to pass Customs and fees will be applied on our side to receive the Goods. These fees will be deducted from refunded amount.

All return shipping costs will be at customer's expense.

6.3. If you are not satisfied with your purchase 

If you consider that the Goods you have purchased are defective or fail to meet your expectations, please contact Pipistrel and tell us about it in order to proceed with your return, repair or exchange.

You may return the Goods using any of the methods available for returns. Pipistrel will then check the condition of the Goods and refund the price, within fourteen (14) days of the date on which we send you an email confirming the refund or replacement of your purchase. Pipistrel may (at our sole discretion) also refund shipment fees, as well as any return-related costs.

The foregoing is established without prejudice to your rights as a consumer, as established in the consumer protection regulations.

7. Exchanges 

If you wish to exchange your Goods please contact Pipistrel. In general the same terms apply to exchanges as to returns.

8. Promotion codes

8.1. According to their terms and conditions, promotion codes are applied to one item only or to benefit from a discount in your order within the period for which they are valid.

8.2. Promotion codes are personal and non-transferable. They can only be used for online purchases. You are not allowed to sell, exchange or assign promotion codes. Promotion codes cannot be uploaded or shown on websites or other media for the purposes of making them available to the public, presenting them as gifts, selling them or making other exchanges. Promotion codes cannot be used for commercial purposes.

8.3. You can only use one promotion code per item and order. Promotion codes cannot be combined with other offers or special promotions.

8.4. Promotion codes cannot be exchanged for money.

8.5. Pipistrel has no obligation whatsoever to re-issue or return promotion codes. However, if Pipistrel decides, at its own discretion, to re-issue or return a promotion code, you will need to present a copy of your promotion code. Always keep a copy of your promotion codes, as you will be asked to present them in order to benefit from promotion code re-issues or returns.

8.6. Pipistrel reserves the right to immediately cancel a promotion code if it is suspected that the promotion code is being used incorrectly or in violation of any of the previous conditions or if there is sufficient cause to cancel it.

9. Validity of offers ("Promotions") 

Promotional offers shown on the Website to increase the sale of certain Goods are only valid while shown on the Website, unless otherwise specified on the Website.

10. Liability

10.1. These Terms and Conditions of Sale describe all of the obligations and the liability of Pipistrel in connection with the supply of Goods. No other guarantees, conditions or terms will be binding upon Pipistrel, with the exception of those expressly contained in these Terms and Conditions of Sale.

10.2. Subject to the provisions of section 10.4, the maximum aggregate liability of either Party to the other in relation to any type of claims or claims associated with these Terms and Conditions of Sale, whether in contract, warranty, condition, tort, strict liability, statute or otherwise, ARE LIMITED TO THE AMOUNT PAID TO Pipistrel FOR THE GOOD IN QUESTION.


10.4 Nothing in these Terms and Conditions of Sale limits or excludes Pipistrel’s liability for (i) death or injuries caused as a result of Pipistrel’s negligence, (ii) fraud, (iii) breach of obligations under the domestic laws in force, or (iv) any liability which cannot be excluded by law.

11. Privacy 

You are informed that your personal details will be stored on databases owned by Pipistrel and processed for the following purposes: Commercial activities, Customer-related advertising and commercial research, including the submission (by postal or electronic mail or other electronic means) of commercial messages related to goods, services, offers, promotions and news of Pipistrel.

For purposes directly related to the processing of personal details, you agree that Pipistrel may assign your personal details to associated companies providing payment, support or courier services, for the sole purposes of providing the services agreed or processing payments, while abiding at all times by the laws applicable to the protection of personal data.

Pipistrel, as well as any third party to whom Pipistrel may provide your personal details, will take and maintain appropriate and sufficient security measures at technical and organizational level aimed at preventing the processing of personal details:

(a) In violation of these Terms and Conditions of Sale or the applicable data protection laws; and

(b) Involving any loss, destruction or accidental damage to your personal details. You may exercise your right to access, rectify or oppose the use of your personal details by sending a written request to Pipistrel at Carrer de la Font del Colom, 6, L'Aldosa, AD400 La Massana, Andorra or by email to contact@pipistrel.ad 

(c) Customers guarantee that the personal data they furnish to Pipistrel are true and accurate.

12. Applicable law 

Purchases made on the Website under these Terms and Conditions are subject to the laws of Andorra.

13. Competent jurisdiction 

Any dispute or controversy that may arise from the application or construction of these Terms and Conditions of Sale, as well as from the contracts herein incorporated, will be submitted to the Courts and Tribunals of Andorra, which Courts and Tribunals will have exclusive competence on such matters.

14. Contact us 

If you have any questions or concerns in relation to your order, please contact us by calling us at +376 816 006, Monday to Friday (except national holidays) (from 9AM to 6PM), and Saturdays (from 10AM to 6PM) (except national holidays). You may also contact us by clicking here.