Clouddancers, what cover do you need?

Published January 06, 2023 15:30

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Here at A4Aviation we are dealers of Clouddancers who offer high-quality covers for gliders, powered aircrafts, microlights and helicopters.

We propose 4 types of covers:

Dust covers: For indoor use only, made from lightweight cotton, this protects against dust and scratches whilst your aircraft is in the hangar.
All Weather Standard: Made from UV resistant waterproof outer layer with a cotton lining. These are perfect if you want to leave your aircraft outside from time to time, a very cost-effective product.
All Weather Uncutable: A similar product to the All-Weather Standard cover, however, with an extra scrim layer. This means the covers are much more resistant to rips and tears. The extra thickness gives padding to the cover as well. This cover is excellent for trips where the aircraft will be staying outside. We recommend this cover most of the time.
All Weather Uncutable + Layover Protection Cover: This cover adds an extra layer of thick padding protecting the aircraft against any impacts. This could be from foreign objects or even hail during a storm. A great investment if your aircraft spends a lot of time outside in less than ideal weather conditions.

When trying to pick a cover for your aircraft you need to ask yourself a few questions :

Where do you need to cover your aircraft?
If indoor, we would recommend the Dustcover (unless you have a very humid environment where AllWeather may be needed).
If outdoor, we would recommend going for the AllWeather Uncutable cover, that also protects against storm-damage and light hail. But, if you are on a budget or the aircraft only goes out of the hangar occasionally, then a Standard AllWeather cover will work perfectly.

Do you need a full or partial cover? Do you need to transport it?
We offer Full Covers, Canopy covers and also CCC covers : Canopy cowling covers.

Depending on your needs, our suggestions will be different.

Full covers are great for longer storages, the bags are quite large 60cm x 60cm and weigh 18kg to 28kg (depending on the type). Full covers are recommended if you have a storage area at the airfield or enough space in your car to bring it when required.

Canopy and CCC covers are great for summer, when you leave the aircraft outside in the sun for a few hours, protecting your cockpit and precious instruments is a must! The CCC cover can also protect other sensitive parts of your aircraft against rain and hail damage, so make sure you let us know what is most important for you!
Another advantage is the size of the bag, being smaller covers they are of course less heavy and voluminous, therefore these covers can be stored in most aircraft during flight, therefore they are great for travelling!

Would you need some special features?

A few options are available to make your covers fit your needs, here a bit more details about them :

  • Quick tight System - A solid string sewn into the fabric under the wings and thanks to this ‘system’ you just have to pull on the end of the string and the cover will fasten itself under the wings, unmovable by the wind!
  • Personalized competition, logo or registration print - So everybody knows it’s your cover, an extra feature to make it unique!
  • Solar panel window for gliders with solar panels fitted - For electric gliders this is a great option, we have used it for our Taurus Electro, this way it can charge even when covered !
  • Propeller/Blades covers for aircraft and helicopters - Replacing blades can be very expensive, therefore taking action and protecting your can be a great investment!

Do you have any special requests or needs? Let us know and we can see what we can do - So get in touch with us today to get your quote!

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