Distributor for GOGETAIR Aircraft

Published May 01, 2024 20:55

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with GOGETAIR to distribute their aircraft in Germany, France, Spain, Andorra and Denmark.

GOGETAIR is a small Slovenian aircraft manufacturer that started some 10 years ago on a mission to design and produce the safest aircraft in its category.

Gogetair team
Left to right: Iztok Šalamon, Michael Bock, Beate Thomsen, Anna Šalamon

"With GOGETAIR, we have found a highly motivated and highly skilled team that shares the same high-quality expectations as ourselves - together, we will be able to give our customers the best possible experience while buying and owning an aircraft" - says Michael Bock

You can learn more about GOGETAIR

And here is a link to GOGETAIR’s website.


Apart from distributing the GOGETAIR aircraft, we also work closely with them on some exciting projects that you can learn more about in the videos below.

video areal photography video turbo tech
AERIAL Photography Turbotech Turbine
Engine Integration

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